Are you aware of the effects of using back massagers?

By: Avinesh Prahladi

I am a content writer by profession and my everyday task comprises of writing on varied topics. Honestly, I love to write on various medical related issues as it is a vast field and everyday lot of new products are being launched in this sector. My regular schedule gets quite hectic and I feel weary at the end of the day. One of my friends, Mark is aware of my physical condition and he has asked me to try back massagers as he was already using one.     

When I got my first back massager, it was made by wood. It was a Diwali gift and I felt really fortunate to have one. The very next day of receiving the gift, when I came back from my office I used the massager on my back and trust me I felt great. My back pain disappeared instantly but after few days I faced some problem with that massager, so I sold it to one of my friends. I was so impressed by the back massager that I decided to purchase a massage chair of some other brand. I purchased shiatsu back massager and it was equipped with the latest features. The chair vibrated and released heat. The chair also had rollers which would move up and down. It had finger like thing that kneaded at my back and I must say that I felt quite relaxed.

So, now whenever I get home after a tiring day at my office, I sit on my chair to get rid of all my fatigue and tiredness. To say the least, the massage chair really helped in relieving my anxieties and back problems.

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