Foot Care in Diabetes

By: Avinesh Prahladi

People with diabetes have special reasons to take good care of their feet. Diabetics are more susceptible to injury and infections, leading to gangrene and may lead to amputation. There are certain reasons that cause diabetic foot. One of the main reasons is peripheral neuropathy where sensory nerves are damaged when sugar in blood is not controlled for a long time. There is a felling of numbness and tingling and one may not be aware of cut or blister on the foot, which can lead to foot ulcers. As there is also a poor blood circulation, they have trouble fighting infection. Even if a person walks oddly because of pain and discomfort, may develop deformities like boring, protrudes, calluses, hammer toes etc. All this, along with wrong ill-fitting shoes, can lead to ulcers.
Preventive Foot Care in Diabetes | Dietkart
How to take care of your feet:
  1. Keep your feet absolutely clean, wash them daily with warm and cold water using mild natural soap.
  2. Give a massage to your feet with little coconut or olive oil.
  3. You can also use a mirror or your spectacles to check your feet.
  4. Don’t soak your feet in very hot for long. This can harm you.
  5. Don’t make your skin soggy, this can make your skin tear, split or crack, leading to infection.
  6. Cut your nails correctly.
  7. After bath, wipe your feet clean, especially between toes with a soft cotton cloth. You can use anti-fungal powders also.
  8. Never treat corns, calluses, ulcers by yourself. You can use toe separators, corn pads to get relieve from discomfort, soreness associated with soft corns or toes rubbing together.
  9. Wear very comfortable, well fitted shoes. Insoles can be used as they guard the diabetic foot against injuries.
  10. Never venture bare foot into your garden, road etc.


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