Can Energy Drinks Provide Everlasting Results?

By: Ms. Reema Bhatia (Nutritionist)

We all know that the market of energy drinks is growing on a daily basis. The main reason behind the mounting demand of these drinks is that the people are spending most of their time in their offices, trying to earn a living for themselves. Today, we have become accustomed to witness instant results and this is the reason, we want something through which we can have instant relief from our regular stressful routine. This is when we shift our interests to these drinks. As per a survey, people consume these drinks on a daily basis, giving a boom to the market of these drinks.   

This has given the manufacturers of these drinks a reason to come up with products that helps in offering more strength and energy to their users. There are drinks which are especially designed for the females. These manufacturers are more focused in bringing improvements in the contents and ingredients of their products that can offer more stamina and strength to their users. There are companies those are least bothered about the ingredients they are using in their products. 

Every company will boast that their products are unique and the ingredients are not the same like other existing products in the market. They all have the same ingredients, this is the reason that they offer same energy supplements. The chances are more where these drinks may not bring the desired effect at a young age. This is the reason kids should not be encouraged to consume these drinks. The ingredients, used in these drinks, may not be suitable for their body type. It has been found that youngsters drinking these drinks might have to face brain damage in the worse case.    

So, if you are planning to buy energy drinks then make sure that the product is safe and suits your body type.

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Unknown said...

Caffeine energy drinks are very useful to remove tiredness from daily monotonous activities but it should be kept out of reach of children and there must be some age restrictions for buying these products.