How Ayurvedic Products Can Treat Skin Diseases?

By: Ms. Reema Bhatia (Nutritionist)

If you are suffering from skin diseases then it can understandably become embarrassing. Generally, these diseases take a long time in order to get healed completely. If you really want to get rid of these painful skin diseases then you need to have adequate knowledge about the Ayurveda products. Our human skin has six layers, skin diseases are mostly rooted into various tissues such as blood, fat and muscles. The majority of the available skin treatments is in the form of oils and creams.  Unfortunately, these products (creams and oils) don’t reach to the roots of the disease. When you use these products,the symptoms vanish provisionally.

The main task of Ayurveda is to offer a comprehensive cure by reaching the root of the disease. As the problem is deep rooted, it surely takes time to eradicate it completely. These products may take weeks in order to get rid of the symptoms but on the positive side, the results are permanent.  Following a wrong diet and lifestyle are two of the main reasons of diseases in Ayurveda. When you follow a lifestyle or a diet plan that is against the nature, you will surely face a problem and skin disease is one of them. You should know that all those food items that raises the fire element, should be avoided at any cost. These include – oily, spicy, and hot foods.  

You should avoid usage of alcohol, acidic and sour foods, and tea. Make sure that you reduce the consumption of red meat as well. All you need is to follow these simple diet tips to avoid any skin related diseases. Numerous patients suffering from skin problems have been relieved of their ailments by using Ayurvedic products.