Getting aware of different types of face washers

By: Avinesh Prahladi 

We all follow a daily routine of washing our face with soap and water, but this is not the actual solution for the dust particles accumulated deep in the pores of the skin. Choosing right face washers are the best way of having a clean face and it can also prove beneficial if you have acne. You must be aware of the wide range of face washing products available in the market which boasts of delivering instant results. Let us discuss about different types that can be beneficial for your skin type –

Gel face washer – The best thing about this washer is that it can be used for all skin types. Normally available mild gel cleanser does not contain moisturizing power as cream cleansers. Make sure that you are aware one important fact i.e. the best face washing products contains less ingredients.
Medicated face washer – Like we all have different types of skin, if you are having an acne-prone skin then a medicated face washer can be a right choice for you. These are of two types – salicylic acid and other one is benzoyl peroxide. Clogged pores are caused by extra skin cells and salicylic acid proves helpful in treating this.
Cream face washer – These types of face washers contain more moisturizing ingredients and lesser detergents. If you are having dry skin then this type is for you. If the cleanser is thick then it helps in more in moisturizing.

Make sure that you choose a face cleanser as per your skin type.

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