Knowing about a blood pressure monitor and its types

By: Avinesh Prahladi 

As well all know that hypertension is a dangerous cardiovascular disease, but the apathy is that knowing all this we tend to persist with a careless attitude. Anyways, all this can undergo a change with the help of a blood pressure monitor. Over the years, the medical field has undergone considerable changes and it would not be wrong to say that these monitors have proved helpful in the medical field. Today, there are different types of monitors available in the market. Let us discuss these types in detail –

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors – These monitors are also termed as electronic or automatic blood pressure monitors. These are available both in wrist and arm cuffs. But, the physicians across the world prefer arm cuff digital monitors than the wrist monitors, which come with display screen. But the only downfall of this device is that its price is on a higher side.
Finger BP Monitor – The physicians have to take the blood pressure of the patients on a daily basis. This particular model will surely assist in their regular routine and moreover it is quite convenient to use. All you need to place your index finger in the finger cuff, it gets inflated on its own and the result is displayed on the LCD. Because of its lightweight, you can carry the device anywhere easily.
Pediatric Blood Pressure Monitor – This one has a monitor along with a tiny cuff. This device is used to monitor the hypertension in young kids. It helps in keeping the kids calm and collected while getting diagnosed by the physician.

Well, all you need is to follow the precautions on the leaflet that comes with the monitor.

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Unknown said...

Digital blood pressure monitors have been around for many years now but i'm wondering if they actually give accurate results compared to the traditional one? It's the first time i have heard about finger BP monitor.