Energy Drinks – Good or Bad for Youth

By:  Avinesh Prahladi

Of late, the market for sports and energy drinks have erupted considerably. Today, hundreds of brands exist in the market which can be purchased in both bottle and can. The energy drinks are promoted more in a social manner, sports drinks tend to glamorize the product with the help of well-known personalities. Seeing these personalities, the youth also wants to become just like them. As per a research, these products are being misused constantly and most of the athletes are poorly consuming them.
Best Energy Drinks Brands - DietkartBeing unaware of the difference between energy and sports drinks is the key mistake that the young consumers make. They tend to think that these energy drinks have energy in a can, but in actuality they are packaged with harmful stimulants like taurine, caffeine, guarana and many more. The lack of regulatory body has led to aggressive marketing of such drinks and these are targeted especially at the youth. The research has also found that there is only moderate effect of the energy drinks on the athlete’s performance whereas others just bear contrary results.
Sports drinks are also hydrating and it also includes natural substances like minerals, carbohydrates, electrolytes and flavoring. There is one product, available in the market, that is supported by research and it certainly assists the youth in their training regime. Sports drinks assist the youth in the prolonged physical activities. It has been found that most of the sports drinks are not consumed in the exercise environment, when it replaces milk and water consumptions, it leads to dietary risks.

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