Healthy diet tips for kids during monsoon

By: Avinesh Prahladi

We all love monsoon as it brings much needed relief from the summers. But, it also brings along various diseases which gets active in this season. Kids are affected more by these diseases such as food poisoning, flu, typhoid, flu, cholera, jaundice and cholera. The diet really plays a pivotal role here and it should be given utmost importance during monsoon. When a healthy diet and hygiene is maintained then these diseases can be kept at bay.
As per the physicians, contaminated food or water is the key reason behind all these hazardous diseases.  Ensure that during monsoon, your kid is drinking boiled and filtered water. If you are going out then make sure that you carry boiled water, avoid drinking water from outside. Purchasing drinks with ice, fruit juices and other eatables from the road side vendors should be avoided. If you plan to eat at a restaurant then ensure proper cleanliness and hygiene.
When you are cooking food then make sure you have considered the following tips –

1. Leafy green vegetables should be washed thoroughly, preferably in the boiled or steamed water, in order to get rid of the bacteria and germs.

2. Ensure that you are using filtered water for the cooking purpose and also for the washing of the meat and vegetables.

3. You may soak the vegetables in warm water containing one tablespoon of salt. In order to get rid of insects, you can keep it for around 15 minutes.

4. If you have leftovers and food that is stored in your refrigerator then make sure you have heated them properly before you use them.

5. You have to ensure that the vegetables and the meat should not be kept at room temperature for longer duration. Freezing and refrigeration of the product should be preferred. The growth of the bacteria tends to rise in the humid and hot weather.

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