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According to the financial experts, India has emerged as one of the fastest growing online markets amongst various other countries such as China, Brazil, Russia and Brazil. This has helped in fueling the e-Commerce sector in the nation. As per a survey, the organic online visitors grew by 50% as compared to the countries like Brazil and China which witnessed a growth of only 2% to 3%. As per the current web scenario, there has been an increase in the popularity of various health and lifestyle portals. Let us get to know more about both of these portals in this article.    

Health portals

health and fitness portals

We all are aware of the importance of the well-being of our health. People, across the globe, use varied methods to take the best care of their health. The medical field is quite vast and with the changing times, new developments and inventions take place which makes the health sector more complex but useful at the same time. The internet has played a pivotal role in the popularity of various health websites. It is important that these ehealth portals stay updated regarding the new developments in the health sector. By bookmarking such portals, this further helps the users to get the best and useful information regarding a particular health ailment and they can visit them on a daily basis.      

Benefit to the users

functions of health portals benefiting for users

These portals offer evidence-based information and facts that are updated regularly to ensure that the users have an easy access to the latest and updated information. It has been noticed that the users prefer visiting a health portal repeatedly when they get the best and useful information.  

Dedication to a particular condition

These health portals offer exclusive news feeds on various health diseases and conditions which include – mental health, cancer, allergy, kid’s health, men and women health and various others. In addition to these, there are other sections as well which include – healthy cooking, diet & fitness, allergies and mind & body.

The health news section includes a regular news from the health sector, related information is also shared in the news like cure, precautions and medications. Some of the leading doctors also offer consultation services to such portals dedicated to health and wellness.They make use of their professional knowledge to reply the user’s queries on varied health related issues. Some portals offer feedback and live chat facility through which the user can ask their query. 

Potential business option

Nowadays, it has been noticed, various health portals also offer various health related products and supplements. These portals cater to a wide range of health and wellness, mother and baby care, personal care products. Such portals also offer chat facility through which a user can chat and get their queries answered. These portals also offer various Ayurvedic and natural products.      

Lifestyle Portals

lifestyle portal
If we talk about lifestyle portals then the list is endless. In India alone, there are various online portals which are focusing on lifestyle products such as Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra and Pepperfry. When it comes to lifestyle products it covers various sections such as – household items, electronic gadgets, home appliances, fitness equipments, attire, car accessories and beauty products. With the coming of online portals, people have shifted their focus from brick-and-mortar shopping. Of late, numerous online portals have witnessed a huge traffic at the sections discussed above.  Let us discuss all these sections in detail –

Household items

Have you ever thought that one day you would be buying household products online, I hope not. This is the charisma of onlines hopping, you get to purchase various household items while enjoying the comfort of your home. These portals offer a variety of kitchenware, home appliances, toiletries, floor cleaners and bedroom items. The best part is that as a user you get to enjoy the best variety and prices than traditional modes of shipping.  

Sports and Fitness products

sports fitness footwear

People have become more aware, of their health, than before. Owing to this, people look for varied methods to stay fit and healthy. Without a doubt, treadmills are one of the effective inventions of the technology. Nowadays, due to busy and hectic schedule, nobody has time to join gyms. Considering this situation, people choose treadmills which offer them a convenient option to stay fit without going anywhere.  

Snooker and pool tables

snooker tables

Various online portals have started selling snooker & pool tables, ready made table and synthetic grass or turfs. Nowadays, people choose to have a special room where they can spend a relaxing time with their friends and family members. After a long hectic and busy day, enjoying a game of pool and snooker can be quite a refreshing experience.    
snooker billiards balls |

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