6 Common Sexual Health Problems, their Symptoms and Sources.

It is no longer a secret that a couple that enjoys a healthy sex life leads a happy & satisfied married life. You may be curious to know what is the significance of sex in a relationship. Physicians, across the world, are really worried with the rising cases of sexual health issues in men. The rising tension and anxiety are two of the main reasons behind these men and women sex related problems.

The majority of the men are not aware of the fact that the main reason behind the discontentment in bed is mainly due to sexual dysfunction. Today, there are various male sexual products which can prove useful in improving your sexual performance and reproductive health , stimulate your sexual desire and help gain youthful sexual vitality. Let us discuss various sexual health problems, sources, symptoms and their reasons in men and women. 

Common Symptoms for sex problems in men and women

Usually, we are stuck in our social and professional duties, due to which we are unable to notice the symptoms of these health issues. These symptoms are indications that suggest immediate treatment is required. Following are the common symptoms – 

  • Lack of sexual desire orlow sex drive
  • Premature orgasm or ejaculation problems
  • Low prostate health ortroublesome bladder symptoms
  • Erectile disorder orabsent sexual response
  •  Reduced sexual stamina or arousal problems
  • performance anxiety
  • painful sex
  • hypoactive sexual desire


Main Sources which lead to Sexual Dysfunction Disorders  –

You can choose a potential product or treatment when you are aware of the symptoms & indications. Following are various sources which can be avoided –
  • Everyday stress & pressure
  • Regular smoking, drinking and taking drugs
  •  Elevated blood pressure  
  •  Overweight and diabetes
  • Various medications with side effects
  • Not having adequate sleep
  • Spinal injury

6 Common Sexual Health Problems

  • Erectile problems – It has been found that the erectile dysfunction or impotence is one of the key sexual health problems faced by men. The main source is the physicians who have to deal with thousands of queries, on a daily basis, that deals only with erectile dysfunction. 
There are various factors that are responsible for these problems which comprise of – smoking, dormant lifestyle, drinking, stress etc. 

  • Urologic problems - Describes the sexual problems that men and women with diabetes may experience
  • Female sexual arousal disorder - Female sexual dysfunction , or dissatisfaction may have several causes and may entail inability to achieve orgasm for 60 % of women.

  • Female sexual pain disorder or painful sexual intercourse due to Vaginal Tightness ,vagina manages to always be tight.
  • Penis size – This is probably one of the key concerns for every male. Men are known to be possessive about the size of their penis. As per the physicians, the average size is 5.54 inches. There are various herbal products which prove beneficial incase if you want to increase penis size. Mughal - e - Azam is an herbal cream which is responsible for increasing the size & thickness, improves the strength & erection and treats erectile dysfunction as well.
  • Premature Ejaculation or Untimely Ejaculation  – The problem is also commonly found in men. The majority of the men have a false illusion that they can last for half an hour in the bed but ideally most of the men tend to ejaculate in 5 minutes.We are human beings not Superman with supernatural powers. Some men also experience no or delayed ejaculation. These men doesn’t face any issue while they masturbate but they are not able to ejaculate while they are in the bed.  
It is important not to keep unrealistic expectations from various male sexual products. You should know one thing that the results may vary from individual to individual. If you really want to enjoy a great sex life then it is important that you avoid drinking & smoking and stay in touch with your physician. 

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