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Now the shopping mall is just a click away! Online shopping in India is a latest and amazing shopping trends that has been emerged in the Indian market these days. Shopping Online helps to save time, fuel and energy. 
It also gives you a great relief from trawling in the high streets for the best deal when making a purchase along with a comfort of your own house. Latest software’s enable the consumer to get all the details of products on their smartphone and also most of the brands provide cash back guarantee.
Nowadays, these online stores are not specified to any single product or brand, but sell endless variety of products ranges from designer outfits, gifts, travel deals, home decor, to electronic gadgets and many more. 
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Earlier people in India started online shopping very hesitantly, but later they have built an assurance on these top 10 online shopping sites
Online Shopping Model
Online Shopping Model
In order to gain further assurance of their customers, these online stores started giving ‘Cash on delivery’ and ‘Free delivery’ options. These options allow you to pay only if you like the product and that too provided at your door step. 
products provided at your door step.
Indian market is still at its aspiring level, but in future a significant growth has been predicted by financial experts in this field. According to an article from Times of India, it has been predicted that online shopping trend will probably touch USD 34.2 billion dollars by 2015 and 200 billion dollars by 2020. 
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Online Shopping Process
Online Shopping Process

The experts have also predicted that the number of mobile users in India will reach to 1200 million by 2015. In the present scenario, people are becoming tech savvy and purchase online not only through their computers but also use mobile phones as well for the same and by 2020 around 75% of online shoppers will start using mobile services for doing online shopping. 

new age of social shopping
The changing lifestyle of people in India and the expansion of online niche is the major reason for this online shopping trend. Major trump cards of this trend is the ease and discounted rates you get on various products.Above all, it really helps you to save your time for going in the crowded places for shopping.Considering the new age of social shopping ( example: Google+ Shoppable Hangout ), ecommerce is came a long way in India but there are still many things that it can offer to the customer.
How online shopping is better than offline shopping?
Online Shopping v/s Offline Shopping

Online Shopping is the latest emerging trend in Indian Market which will provide a lot of comfort to customer with their shopping habits. It is actually a better option instead of going to the crowded markets as it offers it buyers a comfort of their home along with the convenience of choosing a product of their choice from a huge variety.
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Why shop online?Online Shopping Turn-Ons/Turn-Offs
1) Options: Shoppers are provided with an abundance of merchant sites where almost any goods on earth can be bought.
2) Available 24x7: The technology that is now available allows customers to shop on the internet 24x7.
3) Fast Service: Most of the online shopping websites delivers product within 3 working days with no shipping cost. 
Shopper aspects which need to be improved by retailers

5) Comparison: Consumers can compare prices from a variety of different retailers, compared to them physically going to shop in a built shopping centre to check prices.
6) Easy Mode of Payment: There are very easy modes of payment available out of which credit cards are most suitable.
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