How to keep your baby’s skin soft

Nothing is better than the super soft feel of a newborn baby's skin. Being a responsible parent or mother you should be very careful about the skin care of your baby especially  in the first year. Here you can read about the different tips on keeping your baby’s skin healthy and smooth.

Holding your baby for the first time in your arms  is an amazing feeling which cannot be explained in words, especially his/her super soft skin touch. As we all know newborn baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive and needs the best care, so you should be very careful to keep the baby in hygienic and clean conditions. To become a pro in caring of your baby skin you need to protect every layer of your baby skin cautiously.  You can maintain its softness and silkiness by using a right kind of bath and skin care baby products.

How to select the right product?

In the market, there are different types of products like baby soaps, baby oils and powders from different brands so the key products should be selected carefully. You should be ensured that the baby gets the best care and love along the right products which will be used in her/his development & growth.

For example, when you are choosing the baby soap, it should be glycerine rich and helpful for maintaining the skin’s hydrolipidic balance. Don’t use the soaps which have used alcohol and parabens during their preparation, etc. Similarly, you should be aware about the formulations of baby shampoo and oil that help you to know more about the products before their application. 

Here are the tips for keeping your baby’s skin healthy

Avoid direct sun 

Protect your baby from the direct sun as much as possible. Whenever you plan a day out with your baby during a sunny day, cover up your baby’s body fully. You can use a hat and full sleeves and pants to protect ultraviolet rays. You can apply good quality sun protection cream on the skin of a baby who is younger than 6 months. Spread cream gently on the open areas of your baby body like on the face and hands etc.

Use mild soap and shampoo during bathing

To preserve your baby’s skin oil naturally, use a mild liquid soap or cleanser during bathing. It is advised by most of the dermatologists that cleanser should be applied only on those areas where it needed, whereas plain water is fine to clean up other areas. Try to avoid normal soap bars because they are harsh for your baby’s soft skin.   Follow all safety guidelines like water temperature testing and baby’s head support system, etc. to make the bath more enjoyful experience for your baby. 

Change Diaper Frequently

Diapered area is often wet and results irritation for baby. You can avoid this situation by changing  diapers frequently and cleaning the area gently to make it dry. Use wipes and a rash free cream during every diaper change.

Wash baby’s Laundry Carefully

Hard and speedy cloth washing powder should be avoided during the washing of baby clothes. Try to use a detergent that is non effective to the skin. Also avoid the use of detergents which have perfumes.

Additionally, if you feel that your baby’s skin is more dry, apply moisture or other ointment immediately. You can moisturize your baby’s skin 3-5 times in a day to avoid drying and preservation of natural oil.

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