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A treadmill is considered excellent equipment for working out at home or in the gym. The benefits of using it include an enhanced musculoskeletal strength, joint flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and reduction in disease risk. Dietkart offers wide range of treadmills rich in excellent features that you are going to love! It makes the perfect sense to check out these robust treadmills that form well within your budget and will turn you fat to fit in no time.  

Aquafit AQ650A AC Turdan Motor 4-HP Peak:  

 The Aquafit AQ650A AC Turdan Motor 4-HP Peak (2 HP) Treadmill is an incredible treadmill with some mind-blowing features that you are going to like for sure. Some of its noteworthy features include the following: 

Aquafit AQ650A AC Turdan Motor 4-HP Peak Tredmills Online, India - Dietkart
  • Powerful motor
  • 20 Pre set programs and two user programs
  • Shock absorbing running deck
  • 40 Level Auto Incline
  • One touch incline/speed
  • Speaker with MP3 output
  • Supports user up to 140 kg

Best Home Treadmill GA6030 Pioneer K30:

The highly energy efficient Best Home Treadmill GA6030 Pioneer K30 is worth having a detailed look for its intelligent features. Riding on the treadmill makes you feel like you are running outdoors. Salient features of the treadmill include:
Home Treadmill GA6030 Pioneer K30 Online, India - Dietkart
  • Silver Coating for rust prevention
  • Integrated Cooling fan
  • High power 2.75 HP motor
  • Speed range between 1 and 18 km/h
  • Maximum Electric Incline 12 Levels
  • Six Pre-set programs 
  • Three difficulty levels 

BodyFuel BF18 DC 2.5 H.P Motor Treadmill

The BodyFuel BF18 DC 2.5 H.P Motor Treadmill is your perfect companion for losing weight quickly and to maintain great fitness levels. It has a number of smart features and yet it is quite affordable. This incredible equipment has multiple programs and displays tons of information on a nice interface. 

BodyFuel BF18 DC 2.5 H.P Motor Treadmill Online, India - Dietkart

  • 40 Programs, One Fitness Test, Four HRC and Two Custom Programs
  • Quick Incline: 4 key
  • 1.0 to 20 km/h speed
  • 12 Percent incline in 15 levels
  • Folding Design
  • Hand pulse
  • Speaker system and MP3 output

Cosco CMTM -4000 C Motorised Treadmill: 

Cosco, a premier sports equipment manufacturer, offers a number of treadmills rich in tremendous features. An important point to be noted about the same is that these are pretty economical and easy to use at the same time. This particular treadmill supports a variety of functions and displays a vast amount of useful information.  

Cosco CMTM -4000 C Motorised Treadmill Online, India - Dietkart
  • Displays Calories burnt, distance travelled, speed and time
  • It supports 0 to 12 km/h speed
  • 40x120 cm running belt
  • Big LCD Display
  • Motor: 1.75 HP DC Duty Motor 

The above mentioned treadmills are only some of the treadmills that are up for grabs on Dietkart. Besides these, treadmills like Toppro Heavy Duty Motorized Treadmill, Toppro Motorized Treadmill TP-100, Toppro Motorized Treadmill TP 555 With Incline and Deemark EZ Track 523i too are rich in quite interesting and useful features. You would like to check out these treadmills and choose the one which fits best into your plans and budget.

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