Choosing the right sports footwear online

There is a gym or a sports centre in every nook and corner of almost every Indian city these days. With more and more Indians increasingly becoming health conscious, one industry that is definitely prospering is the sports shoes market. The health mania has taken its toll on the people and almost everybody tries to join some physical activity to stay in the best of health. The sports footwear industry in India has seen a massive growth in the last few years and the online shopping trend has only helped. Currently, this footwear segment is valued at Rs 4000 crore alone. 

Be it cricket, football, tennis, basketball, table tennis, boxing or running, all these require a different type of sports shoe. Technology is a key point that every brand caters to and Nivia and Joola are two sports shoe brands that are the best sellers at, India’s online health store that sells health and related products and accessories from over 200 brands at great discounts.

Choosing the right sports footwear for a particular sport is an important factor for defining the performance. Not only do shoes offer comfort, but they also play a healthy role in maintaining healthy feet and legs. The wrong shoes can do a lot of damage in the long run. Material, size and fit are some vital considerations when it comes to buying sports footwear from offline or online stores. At Dietkart, the consumers can purchase a huge range of sports footwear for jogging, running, boxing, playing tennis, football, cricket and table tennis.

Let’s learn about the different sports footwear: 

Martial Arts Shoes

These are designed for guarding the feet during the ongoing action. Martial arts shoes help in protecting the bones and joints for injury. Giving plenty of support to the feet for execution of swift movies, these come in a dip foam construction along with elastic/Velcro closure. 

Boxing Boots

Lightweight shoes having non-slip soles are used for boozing to facilitate movement and give a firm grip to the feet during the game. Not wearing proper shoes may result in disproportion for the feet and affect performance.

Football shoes

Shoes used while playing football are commonly known as studs and have cleats in the bottom. Made of leather and synthetic, football shoes are chosen according to the turf that is used to play the game and help in protecting injury.

Cricket Shoes

Choosing the right shoes from playing cricket goes a long way in determining the performance. Light weight, sweat control, firm grip soles are some of the features that a good cricket shoe should have. Shoes are a major part of cricket as they create the body balance.

Running Shoes

For athletes, running spikes are the right kind of footwear, be it for long distance track running, cross-country or sprinting. The spikes give traction and improve speed to enhance the running experience. The spikes vary for the surface on which one is going to run on.

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