How to Prevent Hair Fall in Summer Time

The fact can’t be denied that as the sun damages you skin it can damage your hair as well. Summer is just in and all of us are definitely worried about our hair. Though, hair grows faster during summers but the heat can have devastating effects on your scalp. In the hot season, hair gets worse because of porous nature of scalp that becomes oily and hair starts uprooting itself from the roots due to dust and heat.

Don’t let this summer be a cause of worry about hair fall and you definitely don’t need to lose sleep over it. There are a plethora of natural remedies available for dealing with hair loss or hair fall. The strong sun may trigger hair loss, but it is time to fight. Here’s what you can do:

Warm oil massages:

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Applying oil is considered a good thing for your hair. Massaging your hair and scalp with warm oil not only nourishes the cells and rejuvenates dry hair, but it also stimulates circulation and promotes hair growth. Massage your hair with some natural oils thrice a week and you will notice a remarkable change in your hair quality. 


diet in summer time

When it comes to caring about health, skin and hair, the need for a healthy diet is repeated a zillion times. A healthy and balanced diet is very essential for hair growth. Consuming green vegetables promotes thicker hair growth and also prevents hair fall in summers. For healthy hair, protein, calcium and minerals are essential, which are highly available in green vegetables, eggs, milk and others products. 

Hair care products:

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There are a plethora of hair care products available in the form of oils, shampoos, conditioners, serums and many others in the market. All these products claim to help in reducing hair fall and keep the hair shiny. But not all these products are able to provide positive results.

Are you struggling with hair fall this summer and have tried out everything under the sun but nothing seems to work out right? Don’t you worry, provides some good natural hair fall products to prevent hair fall that are sure to help.

Mahaved Sheen Hair Fall Solution:

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This is an ideal solution for prevent hair fall in summer because it is a bend of natural minerals, herbs, vitamins and proteins. This oil is 100% natural and effective in controlling hair fall and making hair smooth and shiny.

The Body Care Anti Hair Fall & Dandruff Shampoo

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This shampoo is perfect for hair fall and dandruff for all types of hair. The product helps in reducing the excessive oil and dirt in order to keep a chemical balance in hair and leaves it healthy. 

Auravedic Hair Fall Control Oil

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This oil is beneficial for hair because of its ingredients that help in controlling hair loss. It not only helps in controlling hair loss but makes hair look fuller and thicker as well.

Himalaya anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

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This is a breakthrough 2-in-1 formula that provides root nourishment and strengthens weakened hair. This shampoo improves hair texture and reduces hair fall due to breakage. It is safe to use on artificially colored or permed hair too.

Hair needs correct and good care in summers. Try these simple yet valuable remedies and also natural hair care products to decrease hair fall problems during this season.

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