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tynor body belts and braces online

As per a survey, it has been found that all those people who are facing orthopedic impairments, usually face issues related to the tendons, muscles, bones, ligaments and joints. If timely treatment is not offered to the person suffering from these issues, it can lead to serious consequences. With the advancement in the medical field, there is an extensive range of body support products available, mainly in the form of belts and braces.

There is an easy access to various products which offer apt support to the back and various other body parts such as – Abdominal Belt, Lumbo Sacral Belt, Pregnancy Back Support, Chest Binder, Abs Wrap, Back Support and various others. 


Although, you can easily find myriad manufacturers of body support products but Tynor is a leader in manufacturing these products. The company offers an extensive range of body support products and you can easily find this range and various other products at dietkart.com. In addition to an extensive range, you get to purchase them at cost-effective prices. Following are the best selling products –

Tynor Lumbo Sacral Belt

This belt offers outstanding immobilization. It has porous elastic webbing that offers utmost comfort & ventilation. Heat-resistant rubber along with high modulus of elasticity ensures durability of the product. Its double pull mechanism helps in sturdy fastening ensuring a secured fit & improved immobilization.     

Tynor Abdominal Belt

Ensuring better ventilation & comfort, this belt offers extra porous three-panel webbing. With the help of loop tape panel & broad hook, easy adjustments can be made. Optimal compression helps in toning up the abdominal muscles following a surgery, surgical incisions of chest & abdomen and improves healing. The belt holds the incision properly; this offers an analgesic effect while making a sudden movement.  

Tynor Chest Binder

It has a thick PUF pad that assists in holding and binding of the fractured sternum, at the same time ensuring utmost comfort. It also reduces postoperative pain & discomfort. The binder feels soft, offers controlled compression and optimum chest splinting.  

Tynor Abs Wrap

This wrap supports & compresses the abdominal muscles which help in waist line reduction. Both sides of the wrap are bonded with fabric which makes it durable and maintains stretch ability. With wrap around design and UBL closing, the wrap can be easily applied & removed, ensures flexibility & better fit. In addition to these, it also tones loose abdominal muscles and makes considerable improvements in the waistline.

Tynor Pregnancy Back Support

Along with modern design, better support and apt immobilization, it can be a smart choice for pregnant mothers. It helps in maintaining the lumbo sacral region in a neutral position. The best thing is that it does not exert any pressure to the foetus.  

Dietkart is a leading online destination to enjoy easy shopping. Users get to enjoy wide range of products that cater to categories such as health & nutrition, world food, health devices, leisure, personal care and beauty and sports & fitness. The buyers get to choose from a wide range of body belts and braces at affordable prices. Users can make use of varied payment methods such as online payment, COD (Cash on Delivery), Net Banking and through debit/credit cards.

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