What are the tips to buy squash rackets online?

By: Avinesh Prahladi

The game of squash is one of the exciting games at the moment. It is believed that the game was discovered in 1581 by an English schoolmaster. The game is usually played within an enclosed court and in order to score points, the players have to strike the ball against the wall. The racket is pretty much similar to the tennis racket. With the coming up of various online stores, you purchase the rackets and other merchandise from an online squash shop. Let us discuss important tips for buying the rackets

1) If you are a beginner, you should go for a racket with a larger head. This will help you in easy hitting the ball and offers more spot for the better contact.        

2) Nowadays, the rackets come in different shapes but an ideal racket should weigh 110 g. The professional players prefer lightweight rackets as they offer better maneuverability, enhanced touch and advanced responsiveness. Absence of power is the main downside for the lightweight rackets, as they need a harder swing to balance off the lack of mass. As for the heavy rackets, they offer more power, but it is difficult to control, which limits the shot selection.

3) When we are talking about squash rackets, flexibility denotes the strings and frame. Flexible frames along with less strings offer more touch and feel as the racket gets to hit the ball more effectively. Stiff frames along with tight strings enjoy less flexibility. It is entirely your choice whether you have enough skills or you are just a beginner and choose a racked accordingly.

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