Are you aware of difference between Nivia Hard Ground Football Shoes and firm ground football shoes

Nivia Hard Ground Football Shoes | Dietkart.comFootball is one of the exciting games and the game is played with great enthusiasm across the world. In the game of football, shoes bear an important place. Owing to this, having a right pair of shoes is imperative. If you are a player of hard ground football, then you should choose Nivia hard ground football shoes. While firm ground football shoes are quite popular in America, hard ground shoes may be best for certain surfaces. Let us get to know more about Hard Ground Football Shoes and firm ground football shoes –

1. Firm ground shoes are ideal for the grass field. Hard ground shoes are perfect for hard and dry-grass field or on synthetic grass. As for the turf shoes, they have rubber nubs instead of the cleats. They are ideal for the artificial surfaces of low-pile. Soft ground shoes are best for the muddy conditions. These shoes have six replaceable studs that can be either in blade shape or circular. These can also vary in lengths as well.

2. Firm ground shoes are available in molded studs, they are either in blade or circular shape. Firm ground shoes can be used for the majority of the surfaces. Hard ground shoes have shorter circular studs. When the quantity of the studs is more, the weight of the players gets distributed equally and it is best suited to the hard ground.
3. Firm ground shoes have 15mm heel studs and for the forefoot are 12mm. The hard ground studs are having  13mm for the heel and for the forefoot it is 10mm.

If you are looking to boost your performance then make sure you have purchased Nivia hard ground football shoes.

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