How to increase body weight and muscle mass ?

Properties of Body Weight Gainers:
  • Enriched with the essential nutrients for growth, bodybuilding and overall health.
  •  Unique combination of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates and iron.
  • Provides the essential nutrients to stimulate muscle growth.
  •  Allows massive caloric intake and very useful for hard gainers who want to gain body weight.
  • Specially formulated for body builders, athletes and those who require continuous energy flow.

Why we should use Muscle Mass Gainers ?

Bodybuilding supplements are good as they prevent us from getting any type of nutritional deficiencies. The increased activity levels will make your body have greater demands for vitamins and minerals. These are the bodybuilding supplements that you always need to gain weight. Body Gainer constitutes a multiple vitamin and mineral formula. 
Vitamins: Vitamins enhance the actions of proteins that cause metabolic reactions such as muscle building, fat burning and energy production. Fat soluble vitamins get stored in fat and water soluble vitamins do not get stored in the body such as the B-Complex and Vitamin C.
Minerals: Minerals are inorganic compounds and their main function is to assure that the brain receives correct signals from the body, balance of fluids as well as building of muscle and bones. Bulk minerals include Calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus. Trace minerals include chromium, copper, cobalt, silicon, iron and zinc.
James and Abhi Body Gainer

DietKart deals with all the major bodybuilding supplements like James and Abhi. Body Gainer supplies essential nutrients for healthy growth and building up of body's tissues. James and Abhi Body Gainer helps in the increase of body weight. 

Body Gainer building aims to build your body and gaining weight is the foundation of bodybuilding. James and Abhi Body Gainer are one of the best bodybuilding supplements that will truly become your best friend. it guarantees biggest weight gains and  smallest prices

Directions to use: 2 - 3 Tablespoonful twice a day or as directed by the physician. Available in two flavors - Chocolate and Vanilla.
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