Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair, Heart and Skin

Have you noticed something unusual about the cooking shows, plenty of which are being aired on the TV these days? Well, it is the usage of olive oil that sets them apart from normal, everyday cooking being done in most homes. What is in this oil that top chefs prefer it over a variety of other oils, one may wonder! Here is a look at the several inherent benefits of this wonder oil from the Mediterranean. 

The people belonging to the Mediterranean Region are renowned for their longevity and free flowing, enviably gorgeous hair. Olive oil is sourced from olives, which are primarily grown in the said region. The oil is beneficial for a healthy heart, glowing skin and radiant hair. Not many individuals used to know much about the oil outside the region till some time back. However, this is changing as more and more people are adopting it for its long range of benefits. 

Olive Oil for Healthy Heart


Fats and oils are not necessarily bad for an individual’s health, as is being portrayed in the media. In fact, the body needs an appropriate amount of the same daily for it to be normal and healthy. One can choose the oils wisely by avoiding those which are low in bad cholesterol (LDL) and opting for the ones that are rich in good cholesterol (HDL). Olive oil is one of the best oils around and meets all the criteria to qualify it as healthy oil. 

Then there are the free radicals to worry about. These free radicals can be either produced by the body as a natural process or may result due to environmental factors like pollution, dust and cigarette smoke. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants that happen to fight with the same and prevent the body from several health scares in the process. Consuming two tablespoons of Olive oil is recommended for all individuals for healthy heart. 

Olive Oil for Hair and Skin


The antioxidant properties of Olive oil are not only beneficial for the health of the heart; it is beneficial for healthy hair and skin as well. The antioxidants prevent destruction of cells, arrest the signs of ageing and thereby provide the skin more youthful appearance. Olive oil is also beneficial for dry skin and is applied topically as well. Adverse reactions to the oil are not common and are rarely reported. 

One might be surprised to know that not many skin care products penetrate the skin deep enough. Extra virgin Olive oil, which is more than 80 percent oleic acid, penetrates the skin well and provides nutrition to the skin and removes wrinkles besides improving texture. Keeping a bottle of olive oil can be considered if you have oily hair or any other type of hair problem. It can substitute your normal conditioners and provide your hair natural glow. 

Another superb point worth mentioning about olive oil is that it can be used for preparation of foodstuff. One can expect sizable benefits within a short period of starting using the same. Nothing stops you from using this wonder oil for cooking purposes or for your beauty regimen. So why you should not get it at the earliest and start availing its benefits?

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