Organic India Tulsi Jasmine Green Tea

Tulsi, the wonder herb, is considered to be sacred and can be found in countless Indian households. This herb has a number of health benefits and tremendous healing properties. It provides relief from several health scares such as fever, digestion problems, respiratory problems, kidney stones, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and skin problems. Organic India Tulsi Jasmine Green Tea is rich in this herb and has the goodness of Jasmine flower blended in it.

Benefits of Tulsi Jasmine 

1. Fever: Being beneficial in both preventing and treating fever is one of the biggest benefits of Tulsi. The tulsi leaves when added to boiling water render it potent against dengue and malaria fever. Consuming a decoction of tulsi leaves boiled along with cardamom powder when taken with milk and sugar aids in bringing down the temperature of the individual.

2. Respiratory problems: Tulsi leaves are beneficial against a range of respiratory problems including cough, flu, influenza, asthma and cold. One can get relief from cough by chewing a few tulsi leaves. The decoction of tulsi leaves is used for successfully treating the above mentioned respiratory issues. Consuming Organic India Tulsi Jasmine Green Tea can provide you all these inherent benefits of this amazing herb.

 3. Kidney Stones: Kidney Stones are known to be extremely discomforting and painful. Tulsi provides strength to the kidneys and helps in passing off the stones. This action can be attributed to the detoxification property of tulsi that it helps in reducing uric acid levels. It is also a natural pain reliever and helps the stone patients to bear the pain of passing the stones.

4. Children’s ailments: Tulsi helps in obtaining relief from certain common pediatric problems such as cold, cough, diarrhea and vomiting. Teething problems can be controlled if the kids are given tulsi juice regularly before teething. Tulsi is also known to provide relief from worms in the stomach.

5. Eye disorders: Tulsi has been long used for treatment of eye disorders as well. It is an effective remedy for night blindness and soreness in the eyes. It provides protection from conjunctivitis and other problems of the eyes, majority of which are caused by harmful bacteria. Consumption of Organic India Tulsi Jasmine Green Tea happens to provide all these inherent benefits of tulsi.

 6. Diabetes: Diabetes is essentially a silent killer and causes over deaths in India. There are around 6.7 crore diabetics in India and the number is expected to swell to 10 crore by the year 2020. Over 46 lakh people perish due to diabetes every year. If you are diabetic or even pre-diabetic, you ought to control your blood sugar levels. Consuming Organic India Tulsi Jasmine Green Tea is one of the safest and easiest ways of doing that. Make it a point to exercise and control your diet though.

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