An exclusive range of Cervical Care products at Dietkart

Cervical is one of the most common forms of cancers which affecting a number of people worldwide every year. It is divided into 5 stages depending upon their severity and attack of cancerous cells. The most awful part about this disease is that it does not display weird symptoms that make it impossible to defect in the early stages.

Shuffle heavy objects, lifting bulky things on the shoulders and sitting in front of the computer for hours can reason tension in the neck muscles. Unusual wear and tear of the discs in the neck area can cause rise to cervical. Pain in the neck, inflexibility and lack of feeling are some of the common symptoms of cervical.

There are various renowned brands that provide cervical support pillows which provide relief. It is not particularly designed to totally stop this problem but provides support until further medical opinion and care can be obtained. Dietkart is one of the leading sites that provide an exclusive range of cervical care products of Tynor brand at attractive discounted rates.

Tynor C.T Kit (Sitting) With Weight Bag 

This product has been specially designed to provide traction to the cervical & upper dorsal vertebrae. Whether you are at residence or are in a hospital, this kit comes in handy with easy assembling and dismantling. The soft, padded head halter makes for relaxed traction. The kit is attached with traction pulley and you can use it easily by installing it to any door size.

Tynor Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable

This cervical collar is particularly wear to lessen the motion of neck and reduce nerve irritation.  This product is adjusting the neck in the flexion, extension, or hyperextension position. This collar has ethafoam edge padding for better comfort. It is light in weight and anti-allergic. It has been anatomically designed with height adjustment feature to guarantee just right fit and enhanced immobilization.

Tynor Cervical Orthosis (Philadlphia) Ethafoam

This is very advanced collar with scientific design that provides complete immobilization on one hand and great warmth on the other. This cervical collar is fabricated with ethafoam that makes it very light in weight and easy to wear. It gives rest to chin and ensures no rash or allergy even on prolonged period. The best part is that it is available in different sizes.

Tynor Cervical Pillow Regular

This product has been specially designed to keep the neck in hyper extended position during night. It is fabricated with high quality polyurethane foam to give a firm but a relaxed and soft support to the neck and head.
Moreover, before wearing cervical collar you have discuss with your physician to avoid any type of injury.

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