Choosing the right skin cleansers for oily skin

By: Avinesh Prahladi 

As per a survey, most of the people don’t like having oily skin. Some of the main causes for having this type of skin Diet, Heredity, Hot weather. If you have oily skin then you need to purchase good skin cleansers. Let us discuss things that you should keep in your mind –

1. Choose gel skin cleansers

2. If after using skin cleanser¸you skin feels dry then it is recommended to change your cleanser

3. You should avoid using heavy cleansing products

4. Make sure that your cleanser contains Hyaluronic acid and lavender

5. Choose soaps that include lesser artificial additives

Cleansers which contain alcohol should not be purchased, it makes the skin tight and dry. This makes the skin to produce the added amount of oil. I am sure that this is not the result you would have desired, this is the reason that you should prefer using a light face cleanser. The majority of the skin experts recommends using oil free cleansers but ideally oil based cleanser should be preferred. Using oil based cleansers will help in dissolving the oil from the skin and when you wash the cleanser, the oil gets washed off automatically.

Various skin cleansers and soaps comprise of various unnecessary elements like perfume that may appear pleasing yet they will not do any good to your skin. There may be some elements that can prove beneficial for your oily skin, lavender is the example of it. Make sure that you don’t clean your face with the skin cleansers too often. You can wash it 2-3 times in a day and moisturize well after cleansing.

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