Reasons to choose organic food products

By: Ms. Reema Bhatia (Nutritionist)

Organic food products, the common understanding of food has undergone a major change. A few years back, we used to purchase our daily food products without reading the labels and checking the chemicals and preservatives. But, with the increase in health threats, customer has become aware while choosing food products. If you are still wondering as why you should prefer these products, then following are the reasons that can give you a clear picture –

1. As per a well-known health agency, consuming 30% insecticides, 90% fungicides, and 60% herbicides can lead to the development of the cancer. These are the carcinogenic chemicals which should be avoided at any cost in order to stay healthy and safeguard yourself from future diseases.

2. Our kids are mainly vulnerable to the ill-effects of the chemicals used while the production of the food products. As per a research it has been found that the intake of carcinogenic chemicals is more with the kids as compared to the adults as they have a propensity to consume food that contains artificial elements. The kids should eat more of organic food that comprise of the key nutrients that are required for stronger and healthier growth.
3. These food products do not contain Neurotoxins, that is responsible for damaging nerve and brain cells. It has been found that the majority of the suppliers makes use of pesticides called organophosphates that is harmful for the human beings.
If you earlier had doubts as why you should prefer organic food products then the above discussed points should certainly removed all your doubts.

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