Upper cervical care helping fibromyalgia

By: Avinesh Prahladi

If you are suffering from fibromyalgia then upper cervical care will certainly do you good. If you are thinking about what is fibromyalgia then you should know that it is a condition that commonly affects females and it caused immense pain in two areas – neck and shoulder. You should visit a good Chiropractic physician who can offer with a treatment that has produced positive results in the past.
The key reason behind the effectiveness of this treatment is that the way the bones in the neck are linked, these chiropractors are professionals in adjusting these in order to get rid of the pain. The atlas, which is located at the base of the skull, when atlas shifts from its original position, it leads to unbearable pain in the entire body. There can be several reasons as why this vertebra can lose its alignment, and majority of the females experience this when they are in the pain during the childbirth.

Atlas is a part of the central vertebrae of the spin and this helps in holding the neck in a straight posture. This bone has to bear immense weight and the skull has an approximate weight of 14 pounds. This is also the doorway to the numerous nerves that are responsible for sending messages to and from the brain. Needless to say, when atlas shifts from its position, it can affect the whole system and can result in immense pain.
Make sure that you choose your upper cervical care by professional chiropractors. They can also realign the atlas and get rid of all the discomforts that you have to go through.

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