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Dietkart is India’s luxury online mega store for health and nutrition, beauty, mother and baby care and personal care products. There are more than 10,000 products and over 100 well-known, both national and global, brands under one roof. We provide the consumers with the convenience of shopping for a wide variety of products while enjoying the comfort of your home. In addition to an extensive range of products, we also cater to healthy diet plans, recipes and health analysis.

Like discussed earlier, we have some of the leading brands and we keep on adding other well-known brands in order to cater to the demands of wider customer base. Our well known brands comprise of Deemark Healthcare, Hashmi Herbal, Organic India, Kiwi Nutritech, Venky’s, Tynor Orthotics Pvt Ltd, and Omron Health Care. The consumers’ demand for the products from the mentioned brands is quite huge. But, we believe in providing variety to our consumers and on the basis of that we have increased our range of brands. Speaking of new brands, we have included brands such as – Twinlab, Omron,API, and BPI .

Since, our focus is on health and nutrition, the latest brands which we have added also cater to the health sector. Some of these brands are also award-winning products and known to offer positive results, owing to this all health enthusiasts, across the globe, prefer these brands. These supplements are considered safe, though the experts are of the view that such supplements should be ingested only after physician’s consent.

Of late, we have witnessed a considerable demand for organic products. These products vary from Lipid care, Kidney care, Sugar balance, Weight balance, and women’s well-being. One of the key benefits of using organic products is that they don’t include harmful chemicals and offer desired results when used as per the recommendation. These products are also rich in nutrients.
At dietkart, this is just the beginning as we are going to offer more variety to our esteemed customers by adding more brands in the coming times.

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