Top 11 Dieting Tips to Lose Weight Naturally 2014

If you’ve tried and failed to lose weight before, then you may believe that diets don’t work for you. You’re probably right: traditional diets don’t work—at least not in the long term. Everyone knows the keys to losing weight: Eat less and exercise more. Sounds simple enough, but in the context of real life it can be anything but simple. However, there are plenty of ways to avoid common diet mistakes, to achieve lasting weight loss success, and develop a healthier relationship with food with proper Dieting.

What is Dieting?

Dieting is the practice of eating food in a regulated fashion to decrease, maintain, or increase body weight. Dieting is often used in combination with physical exercise to lose weight in those who are overweight or obese. Some athletes, however, follow a diet to gain weight (usually in the form of muscle). Diets can also be used to maintain a stable body weight. [ citation from - wikipedia ]

Definition by : T.Mac Gregor, BSc MSc Dip Couns. CMCAPA, PACFA Reg.
Dieting is a class of eating behaviours involving any modification to food choice that is guided primarily by external prescriptions and classifications of food with the principal goal of reducing body weight. Dieting views a reduction in body weight as an imperative to improve health including physical, mental and emotional aspects. Dieting is not an innate human behaviour but is learned and typically incorporates separating from and/or controlling the body's sensations and internal cues. Dieting is 'weight centric.'

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Dieting as a Key to Successful, Healthy Weight loss

good dieting tips for healthy weight loss
If you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight. And if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you lose weight.Then why is weight loss so hard? We make weight loss much more difficult than it needs to be with extreme diets that leave us cranky and starving, unhealthy lifestyle choices that undermine our dieting efforts, and emotional eating habits that stop us before we get started. 

But there’s a better way! You can lose weight without feeling miserable. By making smart diet choices every day, you can develop new eating habits and preferences that will leave you feeling satisfied—and winning the battle of the bulge.

Losing pounds doesn't have to be torture . Adopt these simple dieting tips during holidays alongwith good dieting foods given below — integrate in your day-to-day routine, and you'll be thinner and healthier in days.

Helpful dieting tips and tricks

Tip #1 :Build a sustainable diet

The first step to building a sustainable diet is to start counting the calories that you consume in a day so that you become conscious of two things:
──You need to understand exactly how many calories you are eating on a "normal" day.
──You need to realize where each calorie comes from -- you need to build a calorie database in your brain so that you know, whenever you eat something, just how many calories it is supplying. 

Tip #2 :12 calories per pound" rule

The second step is to figure out how many calories you need in a day. You can use the "12 calories per pound" rule. Pick your "ideal weight" ── the weight that you would like to maintain. Then calculate how many calories a day you can consume to maintain that weight.then compare the two numbers -- You may be startled by the difference between the "number of calories you need" and "the number of calories that you take in" in a day. That is where the extra pounds are coming from.

Tip #3 : Consider Healthy lifestyle changes

Think lifestyle change, not short-term diet. Permanent weight loss is not something that a “quick-fix” diet can achieve.whether you're really hungry, and Be choosy about nighttime SNACKS, BUT SMARTLY,  TURN OFF THE TV,   STEP ON THE SCALE DAILY.


Tip #4: Stop emotional eating

Find healthier ways to calm yourself. Try exercise, yoga, meditation, or soaking in a hot bath.


Tip #5: Fill up with fruit, veggies, and fiber

To lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat less food. You can fill up while on a diet, as long as you choose your foods wisely.Eliminate white sugar. This eliminates all sorts of high-calorie foods:Try to replace high-density foods with low-density foods. A cookie is a high-density food. It contains lots of sugar and fat, so it is lots of calories in a small package.Work vegetables into meals instead of just serving them as sides on a plate.

Fill up with fruit, veggies, and fiber

Tip #6:Fiber: the secret to feeling satisfied while losing weight

High-fiber foods are higher in volume and take longer to digest, which makes them filling. There’s nothing magic about it, but the weight-loss results may seem like it.

Tip #7: Fast for 14 hours a day.

Try to eat your last meal earlier in the day and then fast until breakfast the next morning. 

Tip #8:Satisfy the body, especially at breakfast.

Research shows that eating breakfast helps you control your weight.The men who had a protein-rich breakfast (scrambled eggs and toast) not only reported feeling less hungry at lunchtime, but also ate about 400 fewer calories over the following 24 hours, when compared with men who had the carb-rich breakfast. 

Protein has long been known as the most satiating food source, although the extra fat in the egg breakfast could have also contributed to the long-lasting satiety.Various Whey protein  supplements could have the same effect as that of tuna, chicken, meat and steak. 


Tip #9:Drink plenty of water - 

People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger. You can end up consuming extra calories when a glass of water is really what you need.The problem with drinks -- everything from cola to orange juice to beer ─ is that they can bring in lots of calories and they have absolutely no effect on your appetite.


Tip #10: Use a smaller plate - 

By eating with smaller plates and bowls, you may be able to gradually get used to eating smaller portions without going hungry


Tip #11: Cut down on alcohol and eliminate calories coming through drinking 

Stock your kitchen with these dieting foods for losing weight.

Almonds, Apples, Blackbeans, Cauliflower, Cinnamon, Coffee, Cottage , cheese, Egg, Garlic, Oliveoil, Parmesan, Pears, Portobello, mushrooms, Quinoa, Redbell peppers, Tomatoes, Vinegar - 

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