Pre Workout Supplements | Various Types and their Benefits

pre workout supplements - infographic guide

If you are planning to build a muscular body, then both pre and post workout supplements play a vital role. This article will discuss the significance of supplements required before the workout. 

With the growing concerns about various health hazards, the majority of the people wants to stay fit and in shape. People have started joining gyms and various fitness centre in order to remain fit. The craze is seen more amongst the younger generation. 
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Nowadays, there are various supplements available that can assist you in your workout regimen. These products have various benefits and they basically prepare you for a strenuous workout regimen. Let us get familiar with these products 

When you workout, there are various pre-workout supplements that prepares you for the workout regimen. Using these products, you can carry out your workout regime more efficiently and effectively, it also boosts your energy levels so that you get to exercise for longer duration. It  also helps you to lift heavier weight. Let us discuss the types and the timings of ingesting these supplements.
Varied forms of  pre-workout supplements

Varied forms of pre-workout supplements
There are varied types of pre workout products that are available in the market. You can only make a right choice when you know the different forms available. Following are the different forms –

Whey protein
This supplement gets easily digested in the body. Helps in reducing the muscle breakdown, which is a normal thing while you workout. The main thing is that it boosts the muscle growth. It should be taken half an hour before the workout and immediately post-workout......Read more about whey portein
Nitric Oxide
Plays the role of an important source of oxygen to the muscles. It should be taken half an hour before the workout. 
Creatine – 
It offers the body increasing amount of energy, reduces the muscle breakdown and helps in quick recovery. Should be consumed 30 minutes before and immediately after workout.......Read more about creatine
It comprises of leucine, amino acids valine, isoleucine. It considerably reduces the muscle breakdown and boosts muscle growth. .......Read more about BCAA +Wikipedia 
Various researches have proved that Glutamine promotes the nitrogen balance in the muscle tissue and formulates anti-catabolic effect. This offers protection from cellular damage that can result from the strength training. It helps in improving immune functions, muscle growth, enhanced hormone growth and increased brain function. .......Read more about glutamine

Benefits of Pre Workout Supplements

Benefits of Pre Workout Supplements

Now, that you are aware of the various types, knowing their benefits will make your decision making process simpler. Following are the benefits –
  • Improves your power & strength
  • Helps in the protein uptake, delivery and the  absorption
  • Boosts your performance
  • Improves your concentration levels and intensity while you workout
  • Helps you to achieve fuller muscles and increased blood flow
  • Increases the protein synthesis
  • Helps in increasing the metabolic rate
  • Increases your endurance levels
  • Considerably reduces the muscle breakdown process 
Do i require pre-workout supplements supplements

You will find individuals saying that these products prove useful for them but on the other hand some might not be pleased with the results. In order to make a judgement, you will have to use these products. Make sure that you don’t expect overnight results, it won’t happen in any case. 

The results may vary from person to person. Make sure that you are not totally dependent on these supplements. Follow a healthy diet and a regular workout regimen along with these products in order to gain desired results.   

If you are not comfortable in taking an independent decision, make sure that you take advice from your physician or a fitness trainer.



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