How sports drinks help in staying physically fit?

By: Ms. Reema Bhatia (Nutritionist)

Today, people are having easy access to some of the best products to stay healthier. Lately, health and science sector has made tremendous improvements and sports drinks are the result of these advancements. Different sports, across the world, are played with lots of fervor and this is the reason that sports people need to have ample amount of energy. They have to be continuously fed with the products which can keep their energy level up, this is exactly what these drinks do. These products contain essential ingredients through which their body’s cells get energized.

While playing different sports, sports people have to give their best physically and it really affects their bodies. As physical exertion consumes lots of energy, they require a product that can supplement their energy requisites. Extra sweating can lead to dehydration and these drinks helps in maintaining the required water level in the body. Such drinks also help in improving the flow of oxygen in the blood. Needless to say, sports persons need extra stamina to perform better and to remain physically fit is their main objective.     

As per the experts, these drinks have the right amounts of ingredients. There are people who take an extra dose of sodium, which is harmful for the human body. These drinks can assist the sports persons in fulfilling the required energy amount at the same time maintaining the required levels of sodium in the human body.

Today, there are a wide variety of drinks available in the market having varied ingredients, flavor and tastes. When they will take genuine sports drinks they can stay healthy and eventually can perform better. No matter what is your decision, make sure that you have consulted your physician

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ravinder bhanot said...

These sports drinks may help the athletes keep energy levels up but there is every possibility of their using STEROIDS in these products. So, i for one would advise the athletes to take, as i mentioned in my previous comment- WATER+GLUCOSE+SALT+A GINKGO+AN ANTIOXIDANT. This way one would be sure that one is not taking anything fake.