Increasing Female Traffic on Online Health Portals

With two of the practical aspects i.e. wide range of products and the safety, online stores, selling lifestyle products for women, have witnessed a huge rise in their sales. The growth, witnessed by the companies selling both locally made and global brands, has contributed significantly to the nation’s e-commerce industry. As per a survey, it has been found that the females look for variety and quality, this is the key reason that they prefer to shop online rather than exploring offline sources. 

Of late, there has been a sudden boom in the number of female buyers at online portals. These female buyers look for a wide range of products that varies from – lifestyle products, health products, beauty products.Today, the working women don’t get time to visit various stores to purchase their favorite products and accessories. Owing to this, they make use of various online stores from where they get to purchase a product of their choice. These online stores offer the best variety and the prices those are much cheaper as compared to what offline sources offer.

The trend of gifting beauty and lifestyle products, on birthdays and various other occasions, amongst the working women is fast catching up. It has also been noticed that females are gifting breast enlargement products and other personal care products to their friends and dear ones. They tend to feel shy to go to the physical stores to purchase them, this is the reason, online stores such as DietKart has become a viable option for them. Seeing this trend, various online stores offer attractive gift items of personal products which can be easily gifted. 

 Over the past couple of years, there have been an invasion of various brands and online portals, which has certainly made the market more competitive. These online portals offer footwear, health and nutrition products, jewelries and apparels. There are women who have plus-size figure and according to them brick-and-mortar stores have limited variety as far as slimming or fat loss products are concerned. But, on the positive side, online stores offer them the products they desire for. 
Of late,, a household name for buying health and nutrition, sports, personal care and beauty products, has also witnessed such a trend. The portal has witnessed an increasing number of female buyers preferring Beauty and Personal Care products.    

The fact cannot be denied that there are more products for females than male. But, all said and done it can be said that it feels good to see females doing shopping at the online portals.

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